Top Load Washers



Extra Large Capacity

Speed Queen machines can wash a huge load with ease. Curtains, bedding, rugs, car seat covers, plush toys.... Pile them all in. With Speed Queen your whole home will always be fresh and clean and smelling good.


Built Better to Last Longer

Speed Queen machines are produced and imported from the United States. Our commercial-grade machines are made from premium quality materials. We use metal components where others use plastic. Our machines are rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance. Speed Queen top load washers are built better to last longer. Our durable machines undergo strict quality checks and have been tested for up to 10,400 cycles – that’s 25 years of use**.

**Based on an average of eight loads per week


Wash Clothes Cleaner Without Tangling

Speed Queen top load washers deliver perfected mechanical action. In wash mode the 210 degree agitator operates at 68 strokes per minute forcing more water through fabrics, and drawing the fabric through more water. The maximum water-to-laundry contact washes clothes cleaner. Speed Queen’s smooth and rigid stainless steel washing drum prevents wear and tear on fabrics.

Smart Washing

Multiple programs and advanced logic deliver the perfect balance of energy savings and cleaning power.

The electronic control panel keeps you informed throughout the laundry process with cycle status lights and a digital countdown.

You have complete flexibility to control temperature, spin speeds, and soil levels. You also get Pre-Wash and Additional Rinse options for maximum efficiency.

10.5kg Capacity

Large capacity Speed Queen machines can wash a huge load of clothing. That’s just the beginning, you can also wash...
  • Curtains
  • Bedding
  • Heavy winter clothing
  • Mats
  • Car seat covers and furniture covers